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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's in your cup?

Direct Sourcing; From Bush to Cup & Why Its Important

The market place, social media and online websites are full of information on importance of sourcing meat and vegetables direct from the farmer, but very little is said about this in the tea world. Why is this? Largely because all of the major brands are simply blenders and not farmers, sourcing teas from around the world, never actually getting their hands dirty and growing it themselves. Something that is little publicised and precisely what makes Williamson Tea so unique! From bush to cup its all us, straight from our farms, all of our teas are grown on our own farms, there's no blending, no middle men, in one step, from bush to cup. 

So why is this important?
The 'Horsegate scandal' last year demonstrated clearly how long supply chains lack traceability and that the old adage of "you don't get ought for nought" is still true. By buying direct from a trusted farmer the consumer can be confident that the product they are consuming has been produced sustainably with integrity, offers complete traceability and is fresher, coming direct from the source. In our teas case we can take you to the bushes that your blend is grown on, show you the people that pluck the tea and the factory that processes it, thats traceability, far more than a simple mention about being 'sustainably sourced' on the packet. We grow our tea, we know what happens to it every step of the way. We believe passionately that this in depth knowledge of our farms built up over 140 years of experience in the growing, blending and selecting fine teas, allows us to create blends of unrivalled quality.  We understand the specific requirements of each of our blends and how the micro-climates of a particular farm lend themselves to producing certain teas, all as part of a balance of the rhythm of the seasons. Thats the difference about going direct to the source.