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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mother Nature

Kaimosi storm

Farming is never easy and a recent hail storm caused severe damage to Kaimosi. 

An eye witness described the storm; 

"The sky appeared as if we were experiencing a solar eclipse for about 5 minutes, followed by a strong wind which lasted for over 7 minutes blowing off weighing shed pillars and roofs, demolishing a few of them and leaving several trees/branches down in various indigenous tree forests, fuel/timber plantations and even in some bungalows, factory compound and camps. Tea windbreaks were not spared either.  

What followed thereafter were heavy hailstones consisting of large to medium size crystalline opaque pebbles which lasted about 7 minutes. These crystals took several minutes to fully melt while those which fell on depressions and valleys remained until the following day.  There was an extensive damage of tea shoots/bushes in the entire farm.  The seedlings in the nursery, especially the young gum ready for planting were badly damaged as witnessed the following day.

As the hailstorm subsided, a heavy down pour accompanied by lightening and thunderstorm followed which appeared to clean up the whole mess. This was then followed by an electrical power failure and blockage of several estate roads by the fallen trees."