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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tea... Naturally; Ancient but Infinitely Modern 

A recent visit to the Natural & Organic Products Europe at Olympia revealed a variety of teas in all their glory, from beautiful loose teas, whacky floral varieties, super matcha and bottled green tea, they are all there, displayed alongside a multitude of supplements, ancient grains and wild seeds. Despite the many advancements in science, nutrition and dietary analysis it is the ancient fruits, grains and plants that are returning to popularity with health conscious consumers.

Ever since Shen Nong discovered the stimulating and detoxifying properties of tea over 4,000 years ago, humans have been interested in its medicinal properties. It is these properties that first made it popular, at a time when it was considered a medicine. It was thought that its bitter taste stimulated wakefulness, good overall health and the acquisition of great wisdom. Whilst sadly the belief of tea providing the exlir of immortality has not proven the health benefits of tea cannot be ignored. The antioxidants in tea and other beneficial properties often attributed to the drink, from activating circulation to reducing fatigue and cholesterol mean that tea is becoming increasingly popular not just as humble cuppa but as an essential daily ritual to help deal with the stresses of modern life.

So go on have a brew and remember whats in your cup is both an ancient and modern natural health product!