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Friday, 7 February 2014

Breast Cancer Care Awareness Day on Changoi

As part of Williamson Tea's partnership with Breast Cancer Campaign, Williamson Tea has been actively promoting Breast Cancer Awareness on all of our Kenyan Farms.

The recent awareness day held at Changoi was a huge success with a dedicated team bringing home the message of Breast Cancer Awareness to the many women that live and work on the farm.

Awareness meeting at the residential areas.

Campaign being handled at with the Plucking Gang.
'Ladies Talk' campaign awareness.
Campaign being driven home to the pluckers.

The team of trainers setting off for the campaign and other parts of the farm.
Trainers arriving at one of the many assembling points.
Discussion time.
Nothing as good as a keen group internalising the campaign message.
Factory ladies attentively listening to the teachings on the awareness talk.