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Friday, 13 September 2013

Williamson Tea  Online Twitter Chat in support of Follow the Frog Week

How it works;

Tweeters can send questions to Williamson Tea on the topic of Sustainable Tea Farming, with particular reference to renewable energy sourcing and wildlife maintenance.

Williamson Tea will pick 6 questions at 10 minute intervals from 3-4pm.

Anyone can join the open discussion by posting their opinion and comments using the #sustainabletea. Tweeters can follow the conversation by searching for the #sustainabletea in their Twitter search box.

Tweeters are asked to announce themselves and their affiliations when joining the Twitter chat and Williamson Tea reserve the right to choose which questions are answered and delete inappropriate or unconnected comments or questions immediately.

The following questions are suggested to get the chat rolling;
  •  What does Sustainable Agriculture mean?
  •  What are the key factors in sustainable tea production?
  • What works are currently undertaken by Williamson Tea to improve their sustainability.
  • Where does Williamson Tea source its power? Do other companies do the same?
  • What are the barriers to sustainable farming and sourcing renewable energy?
  • What are our plans for the future?